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Putting fika in fertility.


Your Time is Now

Are you ready to flip your fertility journey upside down? I’m a no nonsense New Yorker looking to help you reach your goal of becoming a mother. My approach is different from everything you’ve tried; there is a different way.

Get your FIKA on!

Think of me as your fika guru!  Wondering what the hell fika means?  It's a word, or lifestyle in sweden, that means to slow down, meet with friends, and be present.  Kinda of like our take on mindfulness.

As a Feng Shui consultant, Reiki master, Meditation Coach, and podcaster; I put the physical in metaphysical.  I’m here to get your brain on board, so we can get your baby on board! Your dreams can become a reality with the use of simple methods to align your body and mindset.