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An energetic approach for enhancing fertility.

Are you ready to "stop trying," and truly increase your journey tenfold?

Meditations are divided into different categories of fertility.

I’m gonna give it to your straight I've created this business because I have used meditations to change every area of my life.  I know these can help you on your journey; not every meditation is the same or created equally.  Why canvass the internet, taking a shot in the dark, for a video that can help you?  I have used meditations specifically to manifest my perfect partner, and my baby.  Now I want to share them with you for love and fertility.  They effing work!


First, pick your playlist.  What area do you want to boost and manifest? Because let's be real, nobody's journey is the same.  

Stress Reduction Playlist

This playlist is strictly to help reduce your stress load.  It's jammed pack with I am affirmations to remind you of your inner power, and reclaim it on this journey.

Natural Pregnancy (No IVF)

Here's the home for I AM affirmations for women that are pregnancy prepping their body, just starting to try, have unexplained infertility, or are experiencing secondary infertility; let's even throw in women dabbling with some hormonal drug help.  These affirmations focus on the full ride: conceiving, carrying, and having the bambino at full term.

IVF Playlists

There are two separate playlists for IVF.  One is focused on egg retrieval and the second is for implantation.  These affirmations affirm that your belief in a positive experience with the procedures.  Why go into the procedures nervous and doubting, when you can be confident.  Let's erase some past trauma through failed cycles and get you back with your game face.

Full Term Pregnancy

 My heart breaks for the mamas that have conceived but lost their little angel along the way.  The stress surrounding what if this happening again can be crippling.  This list is dedicated to remind you that your body can do it's natural process, and help you keep your piece of mind for the entire 9 months.


What's Unique about Fertility Energy Meditations?

These meditation goodies are packed in each playlist.  You can choose how far you want to go with some extra help; over riding your current state of mind.

Level 1- Subliminal Affirmations

Level 1 meditations contain subliminal affirmations.  If you are following a guided mediation, and triggered the entire time, it's pointless.  Bypass your consciousness, and reach your subconscious through subliminal tracks These tracks are custom to the playlist.  The beauty about these meditations are that that they can be listened to with or without headphones.  I prefer headphones.  I want the affirmations soaked in my brain, but you do what you like.  You also don't have to be sitting still and silent.  I try to do one session sitting quiet, but I often play them in the background while I'm working.  Your brain is still receiving the message, and you aren't being triggered.  Bonus!

Level 2- Solfeggio Frequencies

Level 2 meditations contain the subliminal messages, and Solfeggio frequencies.  Solfeggio frequencies take advantage of the fact that every vibration has a frequency.  Why not get attuned to the frequencies that will help you on your journey?  Duh, obvious! Any track titled with a 2 after it contains the same subliminal affirmations from level 1, and two frequencies: 417 Hz and 528 Hz.  417 Hz frequency helps transmute past trauma and facilitates change, and 528 Hz is associated with creating miracles Who isn't looking for this now?   Just listen to the tracks baby.  Headphones are not required, only sticking with the image theme.  These meditations can be played in the background while you are doing other things as well.

Level 3 Theta Binaural Beats

Level 3 meditations are the mother load, the Full Monty, whatever you want to equate to the effing bomb.  These affirmations contain the subliminal affirmations, both Solfeggio frequencies from level 2, and theta binaural beats.  They must be listened too with headphones, and for a minimum of 15 minutes, but 30 minutes will suffice.  Binaural beats play tone A in one ear and tone B in another ear that differs by a small frequency.  The brain creates a third tone, or binaural beat.  You will hear a low hum in the background.  There is a specific range that falls under the theta range, which puts you into a meditative state.  These babies will quiet even the busiest minds.  Do not operate machinery while you are listening to these.  Do not listen to these if you have a history of seizures or a photo light sensitivity.  The beat is real.


Sample Playlist